Install mpi4py on Windows 10

Install Microsoft MPI

You need to run both files msmpisdk.msi and MSMpiSetup.exe

Add $PATH$ in the Environment Variables.

$PATH$ is where you install the Microsoft MPI. In my case:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\MPI

Install package in Anaconda

conda install mpi4py

And finally, test the installation

from mpi4py import MPI
rank = comm.Get_rank()
print (“hello world from process “, rank)


DL libraries

1. Install Keras on Anaconda Windows

  • Install TDM GCC x64. Add PATH
  • Install Anaconda x64.
  • Open the Anaconda prompt
  • Run conda update conda
  • Run conda update --all
  • Run conda install mingw libpython
  • Install the latest version of Theano, pip install git+git://
  • Run pip install git+git://

2. Install pyCUDA

  • Get the the PyCUDA prebuilt¬†binary from Christoph Golke (his page is an invaluable resource for installing Python packages on Windows).
  • Select the right combination of OS (for me it was pycuda-2016.1.2+cuda8044-cp35-cp35m-win_amd64.whl)
  • Use pip to install the above package.¬† Simply type this in your Anaconda prompt
    pip install <directory>\pycuda-2016.1.2+cuda8044-cp35-cp35m-win_amd64.whl